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I played my first text adventures — Zork I and Colossal Cave Adventure — at age 10 on the Commodore 64. It was difficult to complete the games because my English vocabulary was not very large — but still I was amazed by the fact that the computer (sometimes) understood my text.

After a long break from text adventures (you can blame VGA graphics games for this) I am rediscovering interactive fiction and I am writing my own text adventures. I am maintaining a website about text adventures in Danish: (teksteventyr ~ text adventures) and I have released the first Danish language text adventure in Inform6 and the first Danish game after an almost 30 year hiatus.

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Interactive Fiction by Thomas Bøvith

På loftet sidder nissen, by Thomas Bøvith (2016)
(1 rating)
As the resident house elf (nisse) you are getting impatient waiting for the family of the house to serve you your traditional rice porridge. Tonight it is Christmas Eve and therefore it is high...

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På loftet sidder nissen, by Thomas Bøvith
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