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Interactive Fiction by JoshLabelle

Tavern Crawler, by Josh Labelle (2020)
(36 ratings)
Most fantasy stories are about slaying the dragon. This one is about what happens after that. When you and your companions are approached by a man in a tavern who offers you more gold than you...

Wretch!, by Josh Labelle (2018)
(4 ratings)
You awaken in a lab. Your head is filled with memories not wholly your own. The mysterious doctor regards you from the doorway. Will you try to earn his favor? Or escape his ramshackle house? Can...

Conversations With Deleted NPCs, by JoshLabelle (2020)
(2 ratings)
A short, meta game created for Inkjam 2020: "On this page, you will find the playable source files for SOOTHSAYER'S AUGURY 3: THE DRAGONMASTER'S PORTENT. SA3: TDP was the third game in the popular...

Diviner, by Josh Labelle (2018)
(1 rating)
DIVINER is a short text adventure set mostly in one room in which you pace, receive divine omens, and interact with a capricious God. Can you divine enough omens to save your small village from...

Sentry, by JoshLabelle (2018)
(1 rating)
Over 4.75 billion posts are shared on <an unnamed major social media network> each day. Curating this volume of content is no easy task. While many people assume algorithms do everything now, social media companies actually hire...

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Reviews by JoshLabelle

Swan Hill, by Laura Michet   October 10, 2020
"Loved this! The relationship between the brothers is beautifully textured and well-drawn, the approach to magic feels interesting and..." - See the full review

Unmaking, Unmade, by G.C. "Grim" Baccaris (as Grim Curio)   September 8, 2020
"G.C. "Grim" Baccaris is one of the people creating interactive fiction whose work excites me most right now. I used to work in QC in film..." - See the full review