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These games have unique gameplay or character perspective. Most have unique mechanics or are otherwise just different. I had a lot of fun...

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Whether because of amazing writing, immersive plot, unique atmosphere, or whatever else, these are the games I personally consider the...

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Fun Halloween Games! - 15 votes for 11 games; created October 14, 2014
There are already polls for good horror games, and there are quite a few good ones on this site. But I'm looking for ones that fit the...

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Wolfgirls in Love, by Kitty Horrorshow   January 12, 2016
"...but unfortunately, I found that the whole was less than the sum of its parts. Don't get me wrong, the parts are all very nice. The..." - See the full review

Trumped, by Soda51   December 29, 2015
"This game is actually rather worse than I expected, and that's saying a lot. I think it's a parody, but it's... far less than clear. At..." - See the full review

Well., by AnAwesomeHobbit   June 30, 2015
"Very, very meh. There's just about nothing here - at least it's functional, but that's just about the only compliment I can summon. There..." - See the full review

Twine Story, by Mike69420666   March 6, 2015
"As an author ((on the side) who definitely has struggled with writers' block before) I felt like this game COULD have struck home with..." - See the full review

Fuck That Noise!, by Shawn Trautman   March 6, 2015
"As someone who is working very hard at getting my J.D. in the US, I find this game nothing short of nasty and vengeful. As narrow in..." - See the full review

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