Fuck That Noise!

by Shawn Trautman


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Whiny and embittered with no real value, March 6, 2015

As someone who is working very hard at getting my J.D. in the US, I find this game nothing short of nasty and vengeful. As narrow in scope as it is in mind, it's not an accurate simulation by any means, and is more of a vent piece than anything else.

If you want to click through someone else's whining, then sure, by all means, play it.

If, however, you want to play a game, have any goals in life, have hope for yourself, don't fit into one of two categories (ignorant or materialistic), or don't want to put up with someone who talks like your whiniest drunk friend, leave it alone.

And yes, I'm also bitter with this game, and a bit whiny about it, but I'm also right.

Spoiler alert: this game has no good end.

Other spoiler alert: life might have a good end. If you keep trying.

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openmedi, March 6, 2015 - Reply
Interesting. I found it not as nasty (as my review shows), probably because I'm not from the US. I have to say though, that I didn't get the vibe that the author only whines or rants for the sake of it alone. I thought the game made a bigger point (maybe unintentional), in that it costs an insane amount of money to go to law school, the ethos of these schools can sometimes be questionable and the application process is agonizing and degrading for the applicants. It could be understood as a critique on the system of getting a law degree in the USA.

P.S.: You might appreciate the fact, that the author himself made the game, when he was right in the middle of applying and made it as a cathartic exercise (see: http://discovergames.tumblr.com/post/46943661473/play-my-newest-game-fuck-that-noise).
bluevelvetwings, March 6, 2015 - Reply
You might be right - like I said, I am biased. But at the same time, I feel that there was a better way to make the point that the system is flawed. In this game, there's no good end whatsoever - you MUST give up at some point.

Catharsis has some value to the author, yes, but my review still stands - it's a private vent piece and doesn't have playability.
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