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Interactive Fiction by cpuguy

Paranoia, by cpuguy89 (2009)
(2 ratings)
My second game published, another escape the room game. It is considerably more difficult than my first game, Asylum, but is still rather short. The link has been updated, and should now lead to...

Asylum, by cpuguy89 (2009)
(18 ratings)
A simple "Escape the room" style game. It is the first of my games that is actually worth publishing. It is not intended to be difficult, and was created for those who are just getting into...

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One room games - 37 votes for 20 games; created July 22, 2009
I would like to know what one room games are available. I enjoyed the acorn court, and am looking for more similar games.

Reviews by cpuguy

Shade, by Andrew Plotkin   November 30, 2009
"I am a great fan of stories intended to make you paranoid. This game acomplished this task rather well. The "ending" could have been..." - See the full review

Press [Escape] to Save, by Mark Jones   November 29, 2009
"The plot, while there wasn't much of one, was rather interesting, and I was rather surprised when I was unable to open the Door to..." - See the full review

Z-Life, by Julian Arnold   August 3, 2009
"I take it that Duncan Stevens has never heard of Conway's Game of Life. It is truly incredible that someone was able to create this in z..." - See the full review

The Acorn Court, by Todd S. Murchison   July 21, 2009
"Although there is not much to the game, it was rather interesting, and kept me entertained for a few minutes. I had no trouble at all..." - See the full review