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I'm Sarah Willson, a writer, editor, and designer of digital curios, and also a player of them.

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Interactive Fiction by Passerine

Caduceus, by Sarah Willson (as Mala Costraca) (2020)
(5 ratings)

Closure, by Sarah Willson (2021)
(2 ratings)
Kira hasn't been the same since the breakup. Now she's done something really reckless, and she's asking for your help to figure out what went wrong with TJ. What else can you say? She's your best...

Dead Mall Mystery, by Sarah Willson (1 rating)
It's your first day working as a security guard at the Dead Mall. Take a look around and get to know the denizens of the Dead Mall food court. Surely nothing weird will happen. Written by Sarah...

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Reviews by Passerine

Starbreakers, by E. Joyce and N. Cormier   October 16, 2021
"At its core, Starbreakers is a series of puzzles, but the puzzles are complemented by a slowly unfolding story which wrapped up the game..." - See the full review

And Then You Come to a House Not Unlike the Previous One, by B.J. Best   October 11, 2021
"I really appreciated this game as a straightforward narrative, as a reflection on IF nostalgia, and as a multilayered mystery to unravel...." - See the full review

Off-Season at the Dream Factory, by Carroll Lewis   October 3, 2021
"A nostalgic yet fresh adventure game set in an unusual world with unfamiliar problems that nonetheless felt very real. Light on puzzles,..." - See the full review

Antique Panzitoum, by Caleb Wilson (as Abandoned Pools)   December 23, 2020
"There's a beautiful simplicity to Inform code, and Antique Panzitoum uses both the phrasing and the features of the code to evoke a sense..." - See the full review

Present Quest, by Errol Elumir   December 23, 2020
"I was a beta tester for this game. The graphics are cute, the puzzles are fun and not frustratingly difficult, and the storytelling is..." - See the full review