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I'm Sarah, a writer, editor, and designer of digital curios, and also a player of them.

Interactive Fiction by Passerine

The Good Ghost, by Sarah Willson, Kirk Damato (2022)
(16 ratings)
A wholesome haunt in five acts.

free bird., by Passerine (2023)
(16 ratings)
A minimalist hopepunk avian escape game written for SeedComp! 2023. Seeds used: Feathered Fury by Amanda Walker Room; Closed Door by Charm Cochran This story includes mild descriptions of animal...

Closure, by Sarah Willson (2021)
(29 ratings)
Kira hasn't been the same since the breakup. Now she's done something really reckless, and she's asking for your help to figure out what went wrong with TJ. What else can you say? She's your best...

Moondrop Isle, by Ryan Veeder, Nils Fagerburg, Joey Jones, Zach Hodgens, Jason Love, Mark Marino, Carl Muckenhoupt, Sarah Willson, Caleb Wilson (2024)
(5 ratings)
The Third Quadrennial Ryan Veeder Exposition for Good Interactive Fiction invites you to visit Moondrop Isle.

Caduceus, by Sarah Willson (as Mala Costraca) (2020)
(6 ratings)

Caduceus was written in a day for Event One of the Second Quadrennial Ryan Veeder Exposition for Good Interactive Fiction, whose challenge was to create a game in Inform 7 with beautiful source...

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A list of games played by the Unnamed IF Book Club.

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Reviews by Passerine

Antique Panzitoum, by Caleb Wilson (as Abandoned Pools)   September 4, 2023
"There's a beautiful simplicity to Inform code, and Antique Panzitoum uses both the phrasing and the features of the code to evoke a sense..." - See the full review

Stay?, by E. Jade Lomax   August 31, 2023
"When I first played this game, Iíd forgotten what Iíd heard about the gameplay, so the main mechanic was a delightful surprise. I..." - See the full review

Etiolated Light, by Lassiter W.   May 11, 2023
"Of all the games I played from Spring Thing 2023, this one got stuck in my head the most, for a lot of reasons. In a genre that often..." - See the full review

The Little Match Girl 3: The Escalus Manifold, by Ryan Veeder   March 7, 2023
"I was a playtester for this game. All of the Little Match Girl games follow the titular little girl on a delightful quest through time..." - See the full review

One Final Pitbull Song (at the End of the World), by Paige Morgan   January 9, 2023
"This game is not like anything Iíve encountered before. I havenít stopped thinking about it since I finished the final branch weeks ago,..." - See the full review

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