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Little Blue Men
by Michael S. Gentry
(62 ratings)

The Evil Chicken of Doom, by Mel S (2002)
(7 ratings)

[You wake up itching.]
by Michael S. Gentry
(6 ratings)

The Arboretum
by Matthew S. Burns
(5 ratings)

The Curse of the Revenge of the Ghost of the Evil Chicken of Doom... Returns!, by Mel S (2003)
(3 ratings)

Death Shack, by Mel S (2011)
(4 ratings)

An Evening With The Evil Chicken Of Doom, by Mel S (2004)
(2 ratings)

Steve Van Helsing: Process Server, by Mel S (2010)
(2 ratings)

All Quiet on the Library Front, by Michael S. Phillips (1995)
(13 ratings)

Castlequest, by Michael S. Holtzman and Mark Kershenblatt (1980)
(1 rating)

Asylum, by Mel S (2003)

Escape from Insanity, by Mel S (2003)

The Lost Mines, by Mel S (2002)

Merry Murders, by Mel S (2003)

Murder In Great Falls, by Mel S (2001)

Sleaze City, by Mel S (2002)

Zombies Are Cool, But Not So Cool When They're Eating Your Head, by Mel S (2004)
(1 rating)

The Evil Chicken of Doom 3D, by Mel S (2012)
(3 ratings)

Return to Dracula's Castle II: Revenge of Dracula's Castle, by Mel S (2008)
(2 ratings)

The Case of the Stolen Goblet, by Michael S. Yurchuk (1992)
(2 ratings)

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