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Look Around the Corner, by Doug Orleans (as Robert Whitlock)
Average member rating: (1 rating)
A short game inspired by the song "Look Around the Corner" by Quantic & Alice Russell with the Combo Bárbaro.
Last Day of Summer, by Doug Orleans (as Cameron Fox)
Average member rating: (20 ratings)
It's the last day of summer, and you're old enough now to go into town by yourself.

Everything We Do Is Games, by Doug Orleans
Average member rating: (7 ratings)

A null game, inspired by John Cage's 4′33″.

creak, creak, by chandler groover
Average member rating: (30 ratings)

"You have to look." 111 words. Made for Porpentine's Twiny Jam.

Discover the World, by Adri
Average member rating: (2 ratings)

18 Rooms to Home, by Carolyn VanEseltine
Average member rating: (6 ratings)

18 Rooms to Home is an experimental work of interactive fiction. It’s a day in the life of Yesenia Reed, whose life is far from ordinary, no matter what she might prefer. This story takes place over the...

Meld, by David Whyld
Average member rating: (2 ratings)

Being able to MELD is both a blessing and a curse - you can create incredible things out of every day items, but there are people who don't take kindly to that kind of power being in the wrong hands.
Walker's Rift, by verityvirtue
Average member rating: (3 ratings)
As the new field director of Station 31, you've been tasked with paperwork, investigating a series of self-mutilations, and paperwork. Battle bureaucracy! Explore Perigosan! Investigate eldritch beasts! A...
Deprivation, by Michael Coorlim
Average member rating: (1 rating)
The surreality of sleep deprivation begins to take its toll... Introcomp 2015 entry.

Voltage Cafe: Writing a dissertation is no dessert, by anjchang
Average member rating: (1 rating)

The things you do in a cafe when you're trying to get some work done.

Lair of the Gorgonanth, Part 1: "Bring Me the Beard of Nimrod Supertramp", by Andrew Watt
Average member rating: (1 rating)

If you eliminate Arth's most wanted wizard, you get a private island! Simple, right? If only you could stop daydreaming and formulate a plan...

Renowned, by Caleb Wilson
Average member rating: (1 rating)

The adventures of a famous knight. 300 words. One ending.

City of Dead Leaves, by Felix Pleşoianu
Average member rating: (2 ratings)

There's nothing left in your life. There's nothing left in anyone's life. Will he even remember you after all this time? Will he want you back? ...

Wastes, by Nick Montfort
Average member rating: (1 rating)

A 256-byte production from The Trope Tank. Requires Python 3. Sorry for the unorthodox file extension, .py3 -- it is meant to emphasize that this will only work with Python 3.

Ms. Terwilliger's Ring, by Henry Klotz
Average member rating: (6 ratings)

You traverse through an old, abandoned middle school to find the body of Ms. Terwilliger- a 6th grade teacher who was known to have worn a diamond ring worth up in the millions. As you get further through...
Disturbance, by voidloop
Average member rating: (1 rating)
A group of creative and professional men in a small isolate world fighting for control in a bigger outer world. Author's note: It was very hard for me to write this. I cried writing it. Read it and you will...
Human(it)y., by Deirdre Sprenger
Disabled by..., by Beest
Average member rating: (1 rating)
A game about choices, and disability
Traveler, by Charlotte Racioppo
A classic poem turned into a goofy conversation. Short and sweet.

Date Night, by Anonymous
Average member rating: (1 rating)

It's here. Finally. The night of your date with Jessica. Tonight, everything must go to plan. Nothing out of place. Jessica is waaaay out of your league and you need things to be perfect if you're going to...

In the Wilderness, by Bits
Average member rating: (1 rating)

This is level 0 of a more ambitious project, called Codetopia. This is the orientation level, in which the user can get comfortable with game mechanics, and complete a simple puzzle.

Guttersnipe: St. Hesper's Asylum for the Criminally Mischievous, by Bitter Karella
Average member rating: (8 ratings)

The year is 1929. You are Lil' Ragamuffin, the roughest toughest urchin in all of Garbagetown DC and the surrounding wastes of Montgomery County, but somehow the constabulary has managed to capture you and...

Measureless to Man, by Ivan R.
Average member rating: (11 ratings)

You're on your way home from Cairo, with nothing but a rumpled suit and an apple for lunch. But the plane passes through dark air, over a fathomless sea. Past the heavens, under the deep, there are secrets...

College, by Imouto's Grief
Average member rating: (1 rating)

My look about 8 years into the future to the terrifying world of college and feeling even worse than usual
The Sword, by Arianna Eiler
Average member rating: (1 rating)
Simple Test Game on Choice Significance

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