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Version 2.2 released
April 6, 2014

Version 2.2 of It is now on the IF Archive and making its way to a mirror near you! Changes in this version include:

  • The "last time you saw [NPC] she was in [location]" functionality now actually works
  • The WebUI version uses the correct HTML entity for emdashes
  • A workaround for an obscure adv3 bug with commands that contain both a comma and a word that is not in the dictionary
  • Stuff

More interestingly, I have now also released the source code! If you were considering desperate measures to see all the endings, you can forget those desperate measures, because the source code package contains a neat list of endings and test scripts for each of them. Marvel at the heretofore unknown density of Stuff To Do! Wonder at the design choices that led to many endings being effectively undiscoverable! Steal my wobbly code for your own TADS projects!

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Version 2.1 released
May 2, 2013

Version 2.1 went up on the IF Archive last night (Australia time) and will hopefully percolate through to all the mirrors soon. It's a minor release with just a few bugfixes:

  • Fixed an icky bug with listing the contents of a room you're not in
  • Removed a typo that had been there since the beginning of time or so
  • Fixed a minor problem with presentation of the status line in the online version (I bet no one else noticed this, but it was bugging me)

Thanks to NR Turner and ralphmerridew for spotting and reporting a couple of these bugs, and to me for spotting and reporting the other one!

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Version 2.0 released
February 13, 2013
In honour of Valentine's Day, I am releasing a new version of my game about children being mean to each other. It contains a miscellaneous collection of bug-fixes, minor textual edits, and small changes to make the game more user-friendly and forgiving.

The main change is that there is now also a WebUI version of the game that you can play online. If you want to play offline, I would suggest downloading the standard UI version of the game, not the WebUI version, since most TADS 3 interpreters don't yet support WebUI games. But it's up to you. The two versions should be equivalent, apart from a few trivial differences in presentation, mostly related to how they present the title screen at the beginning of the game.

Unless any major bugs appear (please let me know if you spot any), I'm calling this the final version of It. Thanks to everyone who gave me feedback on the competition version! I hope you enjoy(ed) the game!
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