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JAWS: The Text Adventure, by Matt Round

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Lunch-break sized snack, September 20, 2013
by Molly (USA)
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Jaws: The Text Adventure is a short game that corresponds roughly to the events of the movie, from the point-of-view of the shark, of course. Most of the game's humor relies on having seen the movie (which is totally awesome and if you haven't seen it before why not?); there's even a last lousy point that's easier to get, both literally and metaphorically, if you're familiar with the scene being parodied. I certainly wouldn't recommend this game if you haven't seen Jaws, the movie, but the game is so short you might as well give it a shot anyway if you're really curious. Gameplay is very simple, with one main verb (EAT), no mapping required, and mostly easy puzzles. It's not hard to get the ending that occurs in the movie, and while I stopped there, I can't imagine getting even the best ending takes much longer. If you're a Jaws fan you'll probably enjoy the fifteen minutes it takes to play; if you're not I'd steer clear.

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