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Wisp, by Lea

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In a twisty maze of marshes, all alike, December 7, 2013
by Molly (USA)
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Wisp is basically a maze-that-is-not-a-maze game; the story is you're a traveler very late in getting home and must now deal with a Will-o'-the-wisp on the way back. The solution to this pseudo-maze is logical in the abstract, I suppose, but the actions required for it seem awfully arbitrary to me; if someone hadn't posted the solution on the boards I never would have finished it. As such, it may be considered of a piece with +=3, another game with an "illogical" logical solution.

Still, the game has plenty of atmosphere, and it was made as part of a group activity, in which everyone worked on and entered about one game each to Ectocomp. The author of Wisp didn't finish up in time to polish it, but entered it anyway because she promised she would, and such dedication merits an extra star, at least.

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