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An Informal Time, by Anonymous

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Stuck in Inform, August 17, 2010
by Joel Webster (Madison, WI)
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This is quite a fun idea: The player is stuck inside inform.
For the player who hasn't tried their hand at writing IF, this will no doubt be a confusing experience. For example, someone who hasn't written any IF using inform will be unaware of what the significance of the 'rooms' is, or what the 'final boss' is or means.
However, for those of us who are familiar with writing in inform, it's a great little piece of satire. My favorite part is how the player finishes the game by (Spoiler - click to show)performing actions which annoy the parser enough to cause its demise.
This is a case of (literally) fighting the parser that does a good job of it. It's short, but that's a good thing.
The 'errors' one encounters in this game are intentional and part of the experience. If you want a better viewpoint on this game, try writing a piece of IF in inform and you'll understand this game better.

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