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Psy High, by Rebecca Slitt

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A fun romp through teenage hormones, January 5, 2015

Overall, I enjoyed the game.

The writing was pretty decent, game choices and direction were diverse, and characters are for the most part believable. I used to read plenty of CYOA(Choose Your Own Adventure) books in my early childhood and this game helped me relive the fun that I used to have reading those so many years back. Lucky for me, this was written and created far better than some of those books I read so many years ago.

In the end, if you enjoy teen fiction, superheroes, or anything light hearted; you'll probably enjoy this game. It's not free, but if you find it on sale with Steam, it's a definite buy for any CYOA fan.

BUT--some things, like choices and direction seemed a bit forced in a couple moments.

Luckily for the game, there seems to be plenty of multiple endings and the story itself is pretty engrossing.

It's not the best IF on the market, but it's still fun. And that's what's matters. I'll probably play this again a few more times just to see what happens and mess with the stats and outcomes.

Rating: 8/10

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