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The Deed of the York, by Dwight Logan
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Temple of Apshai (TRS-80 Version), by John Connelley, Jon Freeman and Jeff Johnson

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Not an IF, July 6, 2014
by theqbasicwizard (Leduc, Alberta)

Not an IF.

The Voodoo You Do, by Marshal Tenner Winter

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A must play!, November 2, 2013
by theqbasicwizard (Leduc, Alberta)

A wonderfully written game that really puts you into the dark world of Voodoo. With every aspect of darkness that can be put into this game, it really creates a dark atmosphere. The writing is wonderful and though this game is a little on the short side. You will still be able to kill a few hours on this little gem scattered across a mining pit in a little unknown place known by only a few.

Rambo First Blood Part 2, by Sylvester Stallone and James Cameron

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I wonder why they made this game?, October 17, 2013
by theqbasicwizard (Leduc, Alberta)

Now I have been a fan of Angelsoft the same company that made The Mist. But why would they ever make a text adventure adaptation to Rambo First Blood Part 2? Don't get me wrong the game is good in a way. Now if you have recently watched the movie, you will not need any help from a guide or walk through. This game pretty much tightly follows the movie, so if you have just watched the film, then you will be in the clear. If not then watch the movie. I did have a major problem with this title and that was just like in The Mist, once you arrive at a certain point the enemy may it be a helicopter or a soldier may not always be there. From time to time I hid from a helicopter and or died and returning back to said point the enemy was no where to be found. Then moving a head there was the helicopter and blamo it killed me. Now I know what they were trying to go for and though it is quite neat at times, at others it is really annoying. Now when you play this game on DosBox you will discover that you can't save and thus traveling through the game will be frustrating at best after you're tenth time. This doesn't help with the fact that the supposed combat engine is on a randomized timer. But as an oddity this game is something that should be checked out by the community.

The Mist, by Raymond Benson and Stephen King

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The Mist , October 17, 2013
by theqbasicwizard (Leduc, Alberta)

Now this game has to be one of the finest games created by the company Angelsoft, their other titles that comes to mind is Rambo First Blood Part 2. I will say that the descriptions and dialogue are quite interesting to the reader. The characters that you are supposed to interact with may not be where they are supposed to be, the same goes with the aliens or bugs. All and all, this game is a wonderful little game.

ASCII and the Argonauts, by J. Robinson Wheeler

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A nice take on a old classic., October 16, 2013
by theqbasicwizard (Leduc, Alberta)

A game that has a nice mixture of mythology and humor. This game is a wonderful take on the story that a lot of us already know. The detail is so wonderfully described that this is a must play for anyone. I enjoyed the character description, the amount of detail put into each room, and the dialogue was quite funny.

The Miser, by Jack Lockerby

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I recall playing this on a shareware disc., October 15, 2013
by theqbasicwizard (Leduc, Alberta)

Now this game has a special place in my heart. A small corner within my beating muscle that I know sounds odd and what not. But it is a wonderful holiday themed game. This is A Christmas Carol for the electric age and though this age has long since passed, I do enjoy playing these kinds of games. The games that were given out for all to play in demo's on the BBS's which for me is always a great little treat. This was a game that i recall spending hours upon hours playing and helped mold me into an IF player. A game that is taken from the pages of Dickens finest work, is something that should be rejoiced and shared among gamers today. This is a classic and should be put in a museum. Though it is basically written with a one maybe two word parser, it is still a gem that all should play. The version I played was a converted file from the days of the C64 and was ported to the PC.

Dragon Warrior Text Adventure, by Nintendo Power and Anna Anthropy

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A Dragon to Remember., October 14, 2013
by theqbasicwizard (Leduc, Alberta)

For what it is, this game it actually quite nice. If you like the Nes game and love the year 1990 then give it a try.

The Hours, by Robert Patten
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Door Simulator, by Giggling_Kiste
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