Rambo First Blood Part 2

by Sylvester Stallone and James Cameron


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I wonder why they made this game?, October 17, 2013
by theqbasicwizard (Leduc, Alberta)

Now I have been a fan of Angelsoft the same company that made The Mist. But why would they ever make a text adventure adaptation to Rambo First Blood Part 2? Don't get me wrong the game is good in a way. Now if you have recently watched the movie, you will not need any help from a guide or walk through. This game pretty much tightly follows the movie, so if you have just watched the film, then you will be in the clear. If not then watch the movie. I did have a major problem with this title and that was just like in The Mist, once you arrive at a certain point the enemy may it be a helicopter or a soldier may not always be there. From time to time I hid from a helicopter and or died and returning back to said point the enemy was no where to be found. Then moving a head there was the helicopter and blamo it killed me. Now I know what they were trying to go for and though it is quite neat at times, at others it is really annoying. Now when you play this game on DosBox you will discover that you can't save and thus traveling through the game will be frustrating at best after you're tenth time. This doesn't help with the fact that the supposed combat engine is on a randomized timer. But as an oddity this game is something that should be checked out by the community.