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Looking for a good Western. - 23 votes for 13 games; created March 23, 2016
A poll by Bishopofbasic
Howdy everyone, I'm on the hunt for a good western text adventure or IF depending on how you call it. Something, that's quite fun to...

Calling all Scott Adams fans... YOU PICK: I'll Play - 12 votes for 5 games; created February 11, 2011
A poll by diddlescatter
Okay, I've never played a Scott Adams game (*gasp!*), and I can't decide where to start. So here's my question to all you seasoned pros...

Influential Games - 469 votes for 63 games; created February 1, 2009
A poll by Rose
As a historical exercise, I've begun compiling a list of IF games that have either done something ground breaking with the medium or...

Great treasure hunt games - 26 votes for 16 games; created January 1, 2009
A poll by Molly
Good treasure hunting games in the vein of Zork and Adventure, although they may not necessarily be set in caves.

1-4 of 4