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Programming/command-line games? - 29 votes for 17 games; created March 5, 2023
A poll by autumnc
What are some games that either include computer programming as a game mechanic, elements that simulate computer programming, or include...

Games With Unfair Beginnings - 23 votes for 16 games; created October 7, 2021
A poll by Canalboy
By this I mean games that can be made unwinnable near the start or have hellish opening puzzles.

I am looking for games that involve exploring and collecting objects but donít involve horror or creepy themes - 11 votes for 7 games; created June 25, 2018
A poll by Brennen Kinch
fore example games that involve keys and things that unlock other parts of the game that donít involve creepy things such as ghost and...

First IF that you have ever played - 67 votes for 36 games; created August 23, 2014
A poll by BlitzWithGuns
What is the first IF that you have ever played? The game that made you love the concept of IF?

NPC-less Exploration - 26 votes for 16 games; created September 2, 2012
A poll by Dannii
Supposedly one of IFs strengths is for exploring places with few other people, often abandoned places, but I can't think of many works...

Your very first game. - 78 votes for 43 games; created March 28, 2012
A poll by DustyCypress
Do you still remember when you played your very first IF? How did you get drawn (and perhaps addicted) to IF and have been playing still?...

Sublime Moments - 111 votes for 57 games; created May 19, 2011
A poll by Sam Kabo Ashwell
I've been thinking about games that provide really brilliant moments. This is not about the overall quality of the game: there are plenty...

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