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Historical adventures. - 15 votes for 12 games; created November 28, 2019
A poll by Rovarsson
I love historical novels, no matter what time period they're set in. They do have to be accurate though. Can you suggest IF-games that...

Dynamic open world IFs - 30 votes for 18 games; created October 3, 2016
A poll by Natrium729
I'm looking for good "open world" IFs, that is, IFs where the player can just wander and explore the world without necessarily following...

Games with a great city setting - 48 votes for 15 games; created February 19, 2016
A poll by penguincascadia
I'm looking for games that attempt (with at least some success) to portray a large city setting that the player can explore and interact...

Games with a city setting - 52 votes for 18 games; created July 30, 2009
A poll by JonathanCR
I'm interested in games that are set in cities - historical, modern, fantasy, or science-fiction. In particular, games that make you feel...

Trading and Buying Games - 37 votes for 20 games; created June 2, 2009
A poll by Emily Short
Games where a significant portion of the gameplay involves buying, selling, or trading items, especially if there are tactical advantages...

1-5 of 5