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Visual Novels for IF fans - 15 votes for 8 games; created December 10, 2020
A poll by autumnc
Visual novels are a form of interactive fiction whose community is almost entirely distinct from the interactive fiction community based...

Games which take place in chat messenger systems or on a digital interface - 28 votes for 21 games; created September 23, 2019
A poll by grimperfect
Specifically, works where the main mechanic is either exploring a in-game digital interface(ala Secret Little Haven) or communicating...

Canonicity and IF - 190 votes for 50 games; created July 27, 2017
A poll by juliaofbath
I'm interested in determining whether or not a clear canon has emerged within the world of IF/hypertext. Of course, there is a clear...

Sublime Moments - 95 votes for 46 games; created May 19, 2011
A poll by Sam Kabo Ashwell
I've been thinking about games that provide really brilliant moments. This is not about the overall quality of the game: there are plenty...

1-4 of 4