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Rovarsson's Superlative top 15 - 15 items   March 27, 2022
A list by Rovarsson
Only supercalifragilisticexpialidocious games on this list.

Great games in a mostly realistic setting - 53 items   July 28, 2020
A list by MathBrush
These are games that for the most part don't contain magical elements or futuristic technology. This includes games where there might be...

Noteworthy Games Which Can't Be Played on the Web - 45 items   April 2, 2020
A list by Walter Sandsquish
Because TADS 2 is still missing a TADS Web UI or Glk server or a JavaScript 'terp.

Games that drew me in. - 7 items   December 12, 2019
A list by Rovarsson
This list is not a best of. Nor does it have a theme. I haven't even finished some of the games on it. (shame on me!) This is a list of...

Plot-Driven IF - 9 items   January 21, 2009
A list by Andromache
Some of my absolute favorite games.

Richly simulated worlds - 9 items   October 17, 2007
A list by Emily Short
IF in which the setting is especially deeply simulated, especially works that implement traditionally difficult systems (fire, liquid,...

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