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Some of my Favorites, by SirIgnotus - 5 items   June 23, 2023
A list by SirIgnotus
An ever expanding list of very good games I've come across.

Best criminal investigations - 12 items   May 20, 2023
A list by Denk
Usually whodunits but any criminal investigation fits on this list. These are my favorites.

Interactive Fiction Competition Winners - 31 items   January 4, 2021
A list by RichCheng
These are the games that won First Place honours in the IFComp each year.

Nontraditional Parser, Gamebook, IF and Systems - 23 items   October 29, 2019
A list by thecanvasrose
This list is based on a poll you can add votes to. I will update the list from time to time to reflect what's on the poll as I play the...

Doug's Top Ten of IF Comp 2016 - 10 items   December 9, 2016
A list by Doug Orleans
I played all but one of the 58 entries in IF Comp 2016 (I couldn't play Labyrinth of Loci because I don't have access to Windows or Mac...

Unusual input schemes - 5 items   November 4, 2016
A list by Felix Pleșoianu
Nowadays most IF is either parser-based or else choice-based. But a few games occupy a space between the lines, so to speak. These are...

Detective and mystery games - 52 items   January 26, 2016
A list by MathBrush
These are games where you play a detective or someone else investigating a mystery. Most of them are realistic games which I am splitting...

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