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Ambience - 2 items   March 22, 2023
A list by Juuves
Works that could very well be turned into ambient tracks.

Great games in a mostly realistic setting - 54 items   July 28, 2020
A list by MathBrush
These are games that for the most part don't contain magical elements or futuristic technology. This includes games where there might be...

Puzzle-less or puzzle-light - 5 items   December 16, 2012
A list by Felix Pleșoianu
The relative importance of puzzles in IF is a matter of some contention. But there's no doubt that puzzleless IF *can* be great. Here are...

Linear games - 5 items   December 16, 2012
A list by Felix Pleșoianu
The common wisdom holds that IF's greatest strength is the freedom it grants to the player (or at least the illusion thereof). Yet some...

Games for beginners - 10 items   October 19, 2007
A list by Eric Eve
Many of the games in this list are ones I enjoyed as a beginner, but the main aim of this list is to suggest games that are reasonably...

Memorable Settings - 10 items   October 18, 2007
A list by Emily Boegheim
Games with memorable settings or landscapes - not necessarily deeply implemented, but vividly described or intriguing in concept.

Richly simulated worlds - 9 items   October 17, 2007
A list by Emily Short
IF in which the setting is especially deeply simulated, especially works that implement traditionally difficult systems (fire, liquid,...

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