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Funny Games - 6 items   June 14, 2017
A list by Ivanr
Okay, this is purely subjective, but since really successful comedy is so rare in IF I thought I'd collect what I consider to be the...

Silly/goofy/purposely bad games - 9 items   January 26, 2016
A list by MathBrush
These are games that are funny because they are ridiculous or completely absurd. This does not include games like Tex Bonaventure or...

Great "lunchtime length" games - 40 items   October 18, 2015
A list by MathBrush
These are games that can generally be completed in 30 minutes or less. Some can be completed much faster. Included in this list are games...

Danielle's List of Quick, Crazy and Silly IF - 3 items   February 19, 2010
A list by Danielle
You'll have to throw out obvious rules, your sanity, or both, for these games.

Fun Games - 6 items   October 24, 2007
A list by AmberShards
These are games which are entertaining but not enduring. Play them to enjoy a spot of diversion.

Best of SpeedIF - 12 items   October 21, 2007
A list by David Welbourn
SpeedIF games are often overlooked or denigrated, and usually with good reason: with only two hours to code a game, the results can be...

Easy, fun, short. - 10 items   October 21, 2007
A list by Michael R. Bacon
Easy to get into and complete while remaining very entertaining.

Comedy that works - 15 items   October 19, 2007
A list by Emily Short
Light-hearted, well-paced interactive humor.

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