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IFDB Top 100 - 100 items   April 22, 2024
A list by Pegbiter
An automatically updated list utilizing an IMDb style Bayes estimator to calculate weighted ratings based on all IFDB ratings. Questions...

Solid Favorites - 15 items   October 13, 2023
A list by egostat
I was going to make an "All-time Favorites" list, but that's quite a burdensome title, so I decided to make a "Solid Favorites" list...

My Personal Fave Twine Games - 13 items   May 20, 2023
A list by doodlelogic
Just a list of Twine games that I rated 4 or 5 stars, in alphabetical order.

Favourite games - 2 items   June 30, 2017
A list by mirandamiranda

Combinatorial Explosion - 3 items   May 11, 2016
A list by verityvirtue
Combinatorial explosion is a name fitting for a band, or a game about chemistry, but, according to mama Wikipedia, it refers to "the...

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