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My (19) January CASA/solutionarchive walkthroughs/contributions - 21 items   February 1, 2023
A list by Andrew Schultz
This month I got back into contributing to CASA. Actually, I never seriously had before. I have a year's goal of getting to 150 points,...

Some of my favorite games - 9 items   October 28, 2021
A list by G. Faregan
In alphabetical order.

Games that made me smile - 44 items   January 26, 2016
A list by MathBrush
I wanted to do a list of comedy games, but I think people rarely think "I want to play a comedy game"; to me, the phrase brings up some...

The People's Revolutionary Game List - 6 items   January 6, 2016
A list by verityvirtue
Games set in dystopias inspired by the Soviet Union. Often involves bureaucracy, wrongful imprisonment and revolution. Suggestions...

Tim's Top Games - 3 items   October 26, 2011
A list by timothyareeder

Faves~ - 5 items   August 30, 2011
A list by dacharya64
My favorite IF games of all time, as I've played 'em.

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