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My favourite games - 13 items   May 6, 2023
A list by Reeah
These are some games that I have really enjoyed playing. If you are new to interactive fiction and donít know where to begin, these are...

See the Show - 13 items   August 11, 2020
A list by Walter Sandsquish
If adventure games are a performance themselves, then it makes sense for some of them to also be about performers. So, here's a list of...

Bookamrked - 4 items   November 28, 2017
A list by Xuan Li
memorable stuff?

Favorite "atmosphere" games - 46 items   July 4, 2016
A list by MathBrush
These are games that are fun because of the atmosphere and plot more than the puzzles. These games are not too hard and not too easy....

Literary IF - 6 items   November 29, 2013
A list by streever
Games that have literary merit make this list. To be accepted, a game should: 1. Evoke deeper themes and meaning, without being blunt. 2....

Played, mixed opinion - 1 item   October 10, 2013
A list by exomarch

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