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Recommendations by DB (Columbus, OH)

I have attempted to assemble a list of some major (and some minor) authors for the ADRIFT platform along with a game iconic of their style. The games are listed by seniority of the authors, where seniority is determined by the year of an author's first publication in ADRIFT. I'd be happy to hear your thoughts on this collection.

Caveat: this is all based on my opinion and I haven't played all of the games of every author in question. Even though the ADRIFT community has some notable ones (e.g., Christopher Cole), I have also purposefully omitted works of pornography from this list, as well as authors whose works are entirely or primarily pornographic in nature. This is my own personal choice, and anyone bothered by it can make their own recommended list.

Also please note that this is a list of iconic works rather than best works. I hope to produce a "Best of..." list at a later date.

If you are an ADRIFT author mentioned in this list and believe you have been misrepresented or see anything else strange or out of place, or if you want in on the list, please contact me about it on the ADRIFT Forum, along with what you think is your iconic game.

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David Welbourn, January 26, 2012 - Reply
This list reminds me of ADRIFT-O-Rama by Mystery, which pays tribute to various ADRIFTers of the day via iconographic miniature golf holes. You might get some insights there. (And as a bonus, the music is pretty trippy.)
Andrew Schultz, December 27, 2011 - Reply
Awesome! I think these people deserve recognition, because ADRIFT interests me. I'd like to see the list get longer, ideally.

I'd also be very interested in the "best of" list and will enjoy seeing your reasons behind your choices. I've played so few ADRIFT games and need whatever excuses I can get to play more.

Do you see yourself expanding this list if more people write an ADRIFT game?
DB, December 28, 2011 - Reply
I do plan on expanding this list as I play more ADRIFT games and more authors write them. One notable bit of trouble I've had is sorting through all the one-time authors. There are only so few with contributions significant to the community, but there are a lot of them. I've tried to limit those additions to ones that at least made some form of contributions on the ADRIFT Forum.

My first order of business for now, I think, is going back and adding comments to each so I can explain why I think any particular game is iconic to an author. Then I'll try to make the "Best of" list.

If anyone is interested in helping, here are three authors I need more info on: Woodfish, Stewart J. McAbney, and Daniel Hiebert.
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