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4x4 Galaxy

by Agnieszka Trzaska profile

Science Fiction

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About the Story

4x4 Galaxy is a space exploration game with 16 planets that are different every playthrough thanks to procedurally generated content. Discover new worlds, battle space pirates and strange beasts, sell goods, explore abandoned mines, go on quests, buy equipment and upgrade your starship; gain enough power to complete your main objective, which is also procedurally generated!

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4x4 Galaxy is a charming, straightforward text-based, choice-based space RPG with lots of procedural generation: normally, that would mean the beginning and end of the story are fixed, and the random stuff fills out the middle. But not here! Your character is randomly generated, with a random name, random skills, a random back-story, and even a random end-goal. It's impressive stuff.
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Comfort Castle
The procgen worked for me here.[...]It helps a lot that the core gameplay loop is a lot of fun. You get a little guy and a spaceship, and you rove the galaxy trading resources and buying items to upgrade your guy and your spaceship while you work towards your quest. 44 Galaxy is sort of a bite-size sci-fi RPG, and its simple loop and constant character progression scratches that same itch for me as a good Cookie Clicker-like game does.
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