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by fruitsicaljams


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A new way to share recipes, February 11, 2024
by manonamora
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Riddle Me Sweets is a short VN mixing bits and pieces of old tales like *Hansel and Gretel* and *Cinderella*, in a way that the siblings live under the thumb of the "step-mother", a baker who welcomed them into her home (and more or less forced them to do chores to survive). Some reprieve is found when a mouse-fairie comes to their rescue and pushes the "step-mother"/witch into the fire.

*Now's the time for escape!* If... there wasn't the mayor at the door, waiting for his order. With no way other way to escape (since the corpse is still there, burning), Hansel and Gretel must fulfil the different orders of the day and satisfy their customers.
Another wrench is thrown into the mix as neither Hansel nor Gretel ever made those recipes, and the cooking book was written in forms of riddles (so they wouldn't be stolen). So you must solve the little riddles, find the 3 correct ingredients for each recipe, and solve the day!

Some of the riddles are not super obvious, and while you have three chances to find the correct combination, you will get a game over if you mess up too much. Saving before baking each order is very much needed if you don't want to go through all the story (and potentially the previously cleared dishes). It's a bit frustrating at times, as many ingredients could fit some of the riddles, and there are no hints.

But it's still a pretty fun and silly time. I liked it :)

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