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A chicken-themed parody of Spider and Web, May 28, 2016

This game was entered in chicken comp, where all chickens had to cross the road.

It is just a parody of Spider and Web, with some spoilers. You have a menu of topics to say, displayed in the status line, and you pick them.

Overall, it was mildly amusing, but seemed to have been put together in a hurry.

There's not that much more to say about the game.

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<blank>, May 28, 2016 - Reply
"A chicken-themed parody of Spider and Egg"


Or possibly, <cluckle>

EDIT - Also, hey, it says "February 14, 2016" after your review. That looks weird, I just reported it to ifdbadmin.
MathBrush, May 28, 2016 - Reply
Haha, a lot of these chicken comp games are pretty funny. As for the February thing, that's the day that I originally wrote the review, before I used the queuing feature.
<blank>, May 28, 2016 - Reply
Ah, ok.

Mind you, I'm not sure you got my point. You wrote "spider and egg" instead of "spider and web" in the review's title.

EDIT - "Ah, ok" nothing. I don't get it, and I'm a curious git. What's the queuing feature?
MathBrush, May 28, 2016 - Reply
Oh, haha, now I'm embarassed. I fixed it.

The queuing feature is the embargo date, I just couldn't remember it's name. The reviews I wrote yesterday are embargoed until August 6, for instance.
<blank>, May 28, 2016 - Reply


Sorry, but I'm really really curious!
MathBrush, May 28, 2016 - Reply
I write reviews in spurts, so I don't want to post 10 reviews of one-move games in a single day. I did it for spring thing because people were looking for reviews, but that was unusual. I don't like pushing new games off the front page, and 2 reviews a day is a nice, regular pace that lets other content stay up for a while.

Also, if you do the embargo and remove it, the post goes back to its original place in the queue, which is usually off the front page. I've used that to 'ghost post' a big chunk of reviews at once when I wanted to catch up.

<blank>, May 29, 2016 - Reply
Ok. Cheers!
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