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Focused, consistent, and entertaining, December 1, 2020

Dopplejobs was a delight. Itís told from the perspective of a doppelganger who endures situations that clients would rather avoid. Humans and doppelgangers donít have much experience with each other, so itís a journey of discovery for everyone involved.

The fantasy world of Doppeljobs is inhabited by stone goats and serviced by sandpipes, which encouraged me to match the story's tone of excited curiosity. Choices are smoothly integrated with the narrative: you're thrown into unfamiliar circumstances and asked to decide what your client would do.

Are there things you don't know? Has important information been left out? The City of Sand is part of a magical foreign world, so you're never sure what will happen.

Things are complicated by the fact that some of your choices might mean that your clients make lasting impressions on you. (The narrator chirps, "Surely, this will affect neither your business nor your life in any way whatsoever!")

The tone of this story fits the perspective of a naÔve magical creature trying to survive as an entrepreneur in the City of Sand ó it's exactly the kind of blank-slate optimism that you would expect from an entity that knows nothing about humanity.