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Couldn't figure out the ending! But still a delight., June 14, 2018

This game was so cute and fun to play, but I was unable to complete the game, even with hints and walkthrough.

(Spoiler - click to show) In order to finish the potion, you have to stir the pot. The hints suggest that you must use the broomstick, but I couldn't find a way to complete this action. (STIR was not a recognized verb, and you are not able to PUT the broomstick in the cauldron or potion. I tried casting many spells on the broomstick, but couldn't figure it out! The one walkthrough for the game skips this step.

Despite not being able to complete it, I still really enjoyed the game and the adorable story / puzzles. It seems other reviewers didn't share my same troubles, so I'm likely missing something here!

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