A Cock and Bull Story

by Theodore "Ted" C. Lim


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Not bad, April 10, 2017

I didn't get very far with the game, but enjoyed the writing, as well as stumbling across or puzzling out the various combinations of objects that yield results - some of those results really quite delightful. Tiny example: (Spoiler - click to show)Breaking the window on the fourth wall unlocks some running commentary by the author.

Doing certain things makes you lose the game, but unfortunately this occurs with a few turns' delay... so the "undo" command wouldn't save my bacon (har har). I quit after losing this way a few times.

The amount of objects is a tad overwhelming, though perhaps that's hard to avoid given the game's gimmick.

I encountered a few strange bugs, none of them game-breaking. Trying to examine the hatchet a couple of times gave me information about the bird instead, for instance. And though I was allowed to take the rifle at some point, before that it seemed to parse my effort as if I were trying to take the (immobile) mantle.

Anyway, my overall impression was positive.