HSL Type Ω MEWP Certification Exam

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Clearly you're not HSL certified, November 21, 2022
by Draconis
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Another stark tonal shift! This is a parody of workplace safety training, meant to ensure that employees know how to properly use and operate an HSL (haunted scissor lift). It consists of a 35-question quiz implemented in ChoiceScript and a manual containing the answers.

Putting the bulk of the information in the manual is a great way to get around the four-hour limit for Petite Mort, and I think it worked well here. The gameplay involves trying to find the relevant information to answer each question, and in the process enjoying the parody of both instruction manuals and safety tests. As youíve probably gathered, Iím a big fan of the more lighthearted ECTOCOMP games, and this one definitely qualifies.

Excellent design to take advantage of ECTOCOMP rules (since supplemental materials arenít covered by the four-hour limitation), excellent parody writing, and a solid implementation (the quiz format really helps). I like it.

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