Heading East

by Hugo Labrande (as Alex Davies) profile

slice of life

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Brief Inform shufflecomp game about teenagers with surprisingly good NPC, February 3, 2016

This shufflecomp game is about two teenagers and life changes. There are two main puzzles and then a branching mini-puzzle at the end.

The teenagers are young potheads, and their language reflects that. The game includes some fun experiments in formatting to reflect the world the kids live in.

Because of my experience with other shufflecomp games, I didn't try talking to the NPC much, but after I beat the game, I went back to the walkthrough and was shocked by the amount of programming that went into the NPC.

For those who have played through the second 'act':
(Spoiler - click to show)I thought there could have been more hints for the car. I just typed in obects I know exist in a car, and I collected all the change this way, but I thought it odd that 'look' didn't work. In the hints section, I discovered that I could have asked Jane, which is another point in this NPC's favor.