Night at the Computer Center

by bonni mierzejewska


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A pretty small game set in a campus computer center at night, February 4, 2016

This game was one of the first games ever nominated for a Best Setting XYZZY. It's set in a charming campus building used as a computer center. There are three floors, with interesting things on each floor.

The puzzles, writing, and storyline are not super compelling, but their are a variety of charming touches that add to the game. The two significant NPCs are unexpected and cute. There are a variety of extra features that add to the game.

Overall, a very short game with a charming setting.

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<blank>, March 8, 2016 - Reply
I admit I'm puzzled. Your rating doesn't seem to reflect the content of your review at all. You allude to the positive things about the game, admit that whatever isn't setting isn't "super compelling", and rate the game 1 star - the worst possible rating.

As a reader I am very interested in what made you rate it that way. Please expand. :)
MathBrush, March 9, 2016 - Reply
I rate games on 5 scales. This game was well polished, but it was not descriptive in its writing, had little emotional impact, did not draw me in with its interactivity, and I do not intend to play it again.

However, it had good pieces scattered about.
<blank>, March 9, 2016 - Reply
That makes sense. It's not immediately obvious, so you may wish to incorporate that information into your review, and possibly future reviews. Everyone has their own rating method, after all, and it can lead to confusion. Cheers
penguincascadia, March 8, 2016 - Reply
As am I.
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