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Fun, Silly, February 22, 2014

The author has perfectly captured the engaging, slightly-to-very cartoonish feel of a King's Quest (or maybe Leisure Suit Larry) adventure and blended it with an adult game that is on the "naughty" side of things without (surprisingly, given the source tale) being repellent. And this is definitely an adult game, with the adult content integrated into the puzzles.

The tone starts out very light, and it's obvious this is a fantasy that isn't meant to be taken too seriously. For a fantasy game with such a direct purpose, it made me think a lot more about my actions (and gave more incentives to play "in character") than other games it might superficially resemble. You aren't exactly penalized for your choices, but it definitely feels as if the tone of the game (and thus how the world treats your character) adjusts itself to your actions. Something I'd love to see the author explore in a longer work in the future.

Which leads to my biggest complaint; just like any good short story, it left me wanting to stay longer. I wanted to see a lot more of the castle, and have more puzzles to solve (maybe even restore the whole place)! But as an "encounter", it works just fine without anything extra added. (Spoiler - click to show)Also, if you're really unpleasant to Beauty, I think she should make you suffer directly for it in the end. It's definitely possible such an ending exists, as I wasn't all that rude towards her.

So, recap -- adult, atmospheric, presented in a light way that takes a lot of the sting out of some otherwise really not too appealing actions. And too short!

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Hanon Ondricek, February 21, 2014 - Reply
Thank you for the review! This was entered in the AIF Mini-Comp, which imposes a limit of five rooms. That's why there's not more of the castle.
forgepoet, February 22, 2014 - Reply
Oh, that makes sense. I never would have guessed this was written for a comp, it's too polished and complete. By "too short" I meant to convey in the sense of a small ice cream versus a sundae, not a flaw in the game itself. I'll make that clearer.
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