Space Invaders!

by Anonymous

Episode 8 of IF Arcade
Game/Alien Visitation

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- Zape, May 16, 2021

- Edo, September 25, 2020

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An intriguing Space Invader text reworking with some loose ends, September 15, 2017
by MathBrush
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This TADS game is part of the IF arcade pack, and is probably the most creative of the 3 reworkings of space-invader type games.

You are in a line of bunkers, and you can dodge left and right, in and out of them as you shoot the invaders.

There are intriguing hints of a storyline, but they seem to go nowhere.

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Faithful IF-remake of ęSpace InvadersĽ, September 25, 2009
by Felix Larsson (Gothenburg, Sweden)
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A pretty faithful IF-remake of Space Invaders: The aliens drop their intergalactic missiles at you; you fire at them with your gun. As a game in itís own right, I suppose it would be quite a disaster. But, of course, now, itís not a game in itís own right: itís a rendition in text of an old graphics video game. That makes it kind of corny funóto players who are familiar with the original game, that is.

I donít think thereís a way actually to win this one (which is quite fair, since there never was a way to win Space Invaders in the first place, was there?), but I didnít have the superhuman patience nor the subhuman pigheadedness to keep playing long enough to be sure of this.
Also, at a certain point, the author introduces an original element to the game Ö

Baf's Guide

A promising start to a story loosely inspired by the videogame, but it ends abruptly just as it starts to get interesting.

-- Carl Muckenhoupt

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