Love, Prestige & Spookiness

by Elizabeth Smyth profile, Pedro Alves, D'Ack Games, Maria Vittoria Patti, Ed Roberts, Alan Wills, Anita G. Zadeh, and Aria Zadeh


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A short demonstrating what IF can look like when built solely with Unity, October 20, 2019

I played "Love, Prestige & Spookiness" after looking for games by Elizabeth Smyth ("Bogeyman"). Here, Smyth has worked with several other game creators on an IF short built entirely with Unity. I've played other strong IF implemented with Unity alongside other programs (most often Twine), but here, Unity stands alone. I don't think that "Love, Prestige & Spookiness" is the best IF I've seen built with Unity (I've recently discovered Niklas Glosen's Unity/Twine IF, which is stronger in this regard), but it does demonstrate what an IF game built WHOLLY through Unity can look like and how such an approach may be able to change the shape of IF in new ways. This game takes a kind of point and click approach to an open ended IF story where the player can visit varied rooms (faintly evocative of a parser) and then make choices via hyperlink (evocative of Twine). The overall flavor of this game is new. However, the story is very short. While it plays out some interesting ideas, it doesn't push them very far and feels lacking as a whole, as a result. Overall, I think that this game is noteworthy as an experimental piece, but as a playable game, it falters a little bit.

(Be sure to play the game on a computer with a mouse or keypad which allows you to use a scrolling function.)

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