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Interactive Fiction by untiltheygo

Bogeyman, by Elizabeth Smyth (2018)
(66 ratings)
You can go home when you learn to be good.

ZOINKS!, by Elizabeth Smyth (2018)
(4 ratings)
And you're totally getting away with it, too, in spite of those meddling kids!

The Reptile Room, by Elizabeth Smyth (2019)
(4 ratings)

Slither anywhither.

1K Cupid, by Elizabeth Smyth (2018)
(3 ratings)
Perhaps you spread a little too much love in the wrong places. Don't worry about it. Point is, the king overreacted, and now you're here. A simple one-room parser game in one thousand words for...

compass, by Elizabeth Smyth (2017)
(1 rating)
I started working on Compass in 2013 and finished around four years later. Despite this, it is very small and takes only a few minutes to experience. It has an unusual interactive structure and...

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