Starship Fabulous

by Emery Joyce profile, Ayse Gursoy, and Chris Johnston

Science Fiction

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If Bruce Coville Coville Wrote Galactic Romances..., April 13, 2013
by Danielle (The Wild West) might look something like STARSHIP FABULOUS. See, one thing I've always loved about Bruce Coville's alien books (which I encountered as a kid and still love as a grownup) was that the aliens were very much *alien*--though likeable and good, their sensibilities, customs, and expectations were always foreign. The characters you encounter in FABULOUS are written in a similar vein which I really enjoyed--Rain introducing themself, for instance, as a scent rather than a name. (I would have enjoyed seeing more interactions where they make mistaken assumptions about you might have been fun as well!)

I found some programming bugginess from time to time (I was given access to a character on Day 2 that I hadn't met on Day 1; some responses referred to Male Character X as a she), but I was happy to overlook them for the sake of the experience. I enjoyed my ride on the ship and look forward to replaying.

I would *not* be opposed to someone else trying their hand at this concept!

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EJ, April 13, 2013 - Reply
Thanks for your review! Sorry for the bugginess; a lot of that comes from the time constraints we were working under (and, in all honesty, our lack of experience with Twine), and we're still working to fix that up. Do you remember any of the particular scenes where there were pronoun mix-ups, or at least what character they focused on?
Danielle, April 13, 2013 - Reply
Eek! I'm afraid I don't. I may have another runthrough again and if I notice anything I'll drop you a line.
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