Big Trouble in Little Dino Park

by Seth Paxton profile and Rachel Aubertin


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Fun if you like dinosaurs , December 6, 2020
by brwarner (Vancouver, BC)

A game for anyone who loves Dinosaurs and Jurassic Park. It has fun with the tropes and lets you relive a variety of dino outbreaks (is it a spoiler to say the dinosaurs get out? I donít think so). Not my cup of tea personally, as someone who could barely pronounce half the dino names. This is the kind of game where thereís ten ways to die in each scene and Iím not sure there was a clairvoyant way to really know which action was going to succeed and which was going to fail. To be fair, as those kind of games arenít for me, itís possible I just wasnít invested enough to look for the clues. I think this will really appeal though if you have a favorite dinosaur, as the game lets you choose in which part of the park youíd like to be employed.