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I'm a writer, artist, and game designer with a passion for good storytelling.

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Interactive Fiction by Paxton

Mermaids of Ganymede, by Seth Paxton (2021)
(9 ratings)
Trapped at the bottom of Ganymede's ocean, beneath a thick layer of ice, your survey ship has crash landed. Your crew has begun to see things swimming out there in the dark, and no one has ever...

Big Trouble in Little Dino Park, by Seth Paxton, Rachel Aubertin (2020)
(19 ratings)
Ever since cloning dinosaurs became the cheap, cool way to build a theme park there have been lots of them cropping up. Luckily, this one still had a position open for your summer job! Little Dino...

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Games where the player must draw their own map - 26 votes for 14 games; created March 29, 2021
Ideally these are games whose puzzles/challenges involve the map in some way (hidden connections, layout analysis, &c.) and aren't just...

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