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A cut-and-paste game following a 5-room house for 100 years, April 28, 2016

In this web-based game, you have a house (whose address is 18 Cadence) with a map with 5 rooms and you have a year that varies from 1900 to 2000. As you change the year, the description of each room varies. You can take portions of the text out (represented as cutting it out with a knife), and lay it on a table below. As you cut out different pieces, you can arrange them all to form a story, even overlapping some to form a new sentence.

I wasn't super impressed with the cutout system as I played, but afterwards, I saw someone's story using 'Browse' and I realized that I hadn't been very creative.

The story of the succession of people and the changing quality of the neighborhood was really interesting. I know a house near where I live that was constructed in the late 1800's, and it has gone through a life cycle very similar to that of 18 Cadence.

If you try it, try browsing some stories.

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MathBrush, February 8, 2016 - Reply
My rating system is not based on content, it's based off of polish and emotional impact. 18 Cadence left me feeling cold, while the Twitter one was a brilliant use of the constraints.
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