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Sci-fi Inform murder mystery with Russian theme and some bugs , February 3, 2016

In this game, you play a Russian official investigating a death on the moon with the help of your trusty robot DUFFY. As you gather evidence and use DUFFY to analyze it, you come to discover who the true murderer was.

This is a shufflecomp game, and as such it was produced quickly, and it shows. Trying to reenter the shuttle you came in from is frustrating; you can't x shuttle, enter shuttle, up, down, go in any direction, open shuttle, etc. By consulting the walkthrough, I discovered that the correct response was "in".

There are numerous NPC's, but for most of them I found only a single topic that they respond to.

The base itself is well-designed; for some reason I enjoyed the wide use of diagonal directions, and the sickle-shape of the base.

Unfortunately, I was unable to complete the game, as the walkthrough does not work at one point (Spoiler - click to show)You cannot go down in the greenhouse, and no other command such as open grill or x shutters could get me into the air duct. However, I wish I could; the writing isn't perfect, the npcs aren't implemented very strongly, but somehow it all comes together to a game that is actually very fun.

Edit: Another user showed me how to finish the game, and the additional content made the game much better for me. It feels larger.

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Doug Orleans, May 15, 2015 - Reply
I wish this were better described, but the grilles are all in the floor, so you can go down in any room where the grille is loosened. (I was stuck too, because I was picturing the grilles as being in the wall.)
MathBrush, May 15, 2015 - Reply
Thank you! This allowed me to complete the game!
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