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Grand Academy II: Attack of the Sequel

by Katherine Nehring

Part of the Grand Academy series

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1 review

About the Story

Congratulations! We are delighted to welcome you back to the Grand Academy for Future Villains, the world's finest evil preparatory school. It's sophomore year, and everyone's back for a deliciously meta sequel.

"Grand Academy II: Attack of the Sequel" is a hilarious 215,000-word interactive novel and sequel to "Grand Academy for Future Villains," by Katherine Nehring, where your choices control the story. It's entirely text-based, without graphics or sound effects, and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

In the space between worlds, between stories, beyond time and space itself, the Grand Academy for Future Villains trains the bad guys that every epic saga needs. Behold our dormitories, each befitting their narrative genre: horror, fantasy, sci-fi, or thriller.

This year holds terrifying new challenges: a roommate, a pet, and the ominous Board of Visitors and Overlords, who have come to review the Academy's accreditation. Under the Board's steely gaze, you may be eligible to receive a destiny, which every true villain craves. They have also set each genre against one another in the house tournament. Will you lead your house to victory, betray your comrades, or perhaps both?

And of course your "friends" are back, too. Aurion, Kinistra, Phil. Why, even your maleficent mother, Maedryn the Terror of Three Worlds, is here. Or shall I call her…Professor Maedryn?

• Play as male, female, or nonbinary (or unhuman), gay, straight, bi, or ace.
• Play the game as a standalone, or import a saved character from "Grand Academy for Future Villains."
• As Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, and Thriller battle each other, use your genre-savvy to lead your genre to victory—or to seize a destiny for yourself.
• Raise an illicit monstrous pet in your dorm room!
• Support your mother's plans for school domination—or break free and steal her clone army.
• As a TA, help your favorite professor get tenure—or sabotage their chances, and as the RA of Sci-Fi, Horror, Thriller, or Fantasy, figure out what's best for your evil little charges.
• Discover the Academy's fatal weakness!
• Acquire the metafictional tools you'll need to win the game of genre against genre! What can you do with a plot-hole digger or a flashback gun?
• Defeat your nemesis! Or save them! Or smooch them!

And when things look bleak just remember: it's a trap! But you should know. You set it.

Game Details

Language: English (en)
First Publication Date: November 7, 2019
Current Version: Unknown
License: Commercial
Development System: ChoiceScript
IFID: Unknown
TUID: xl56x6myif2j4h9c


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Member Reviews

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Number of Reviews: 1
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
An entertaining sequel focused on a school competition, March 24, 2021
by MathBrush
Related reviews: about 2 hours

Grand Academy of Villains is a game I first played years ago. I found the writing funny and the class interesting, but I wasn't satisfied with the ending because I found it abrupt.

Now, after playing through essentially every Choicescript game, I realize how high-quality the first Grand Academy game is in general, with lots of valid choices and good writing. I still think the ending has some issues (with some stat checks that are too high, imo), but overall it's one of the better games.

This game builds on that, but in a way some people disliked. Grand Academy 1 had very different endings depending on your choices, but this game funnels all of those towards one 'main' choice.

I know several people were unhappy with this choice, but I saw the complaints before I played, and wasn't surprised or, really, disappointed, since this game is all about multiverses and changes in reality.

Anyway, this game was fun for me. There is a big competition all year between houses (Thriller, Horror, Sci-fi and Fantasy), overseen by an outside group. In addition, a powerful new student with destiny enters the school.

The writing in this series is exceptionally funny (if you're into parodies of both academia and writing tropes), and stats are generally clear. I do think, though, that the game suffers a bit from stat checks that become progressively more difficult, meaning that the chance of you failing during the finale is high.

Another small problem is that, due to numerous options, each option gets less time. At one point I had a choice to impress people with my grades despite never going to class and not having any grades (i.e. my grades were listed as 'unknown'). I had plenty of time to spend with my 'nemesis' (this game has both normal romances and nemesis similar to romance but with hatred, kind of like that homestuck thing), and my current romance. But everything else seemed fairly stretched or thin. Again, though, this was only due to the large variability in the game.

Some people have said in reviews that 'your choices don't matter' which isn't really true, the writing is extremely variable. However, there's an art to making it clear in writing that your choices aren't important, and I think that wasn't communicated properly here.

Overall, very glad to have played the series, and would rank it in the top 20 at least.

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