Truck Quest

by Donald Conrad and Peter M.J. Gross profile

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Truck-based government, October 3, 2019
by MathBrush
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Okay, this is a great game in many ways. Pixel art is on point, characters are compelling, the atmosphere at Dan's shady truck dealership is just perfect, and the storyline comes to a great point.

But I found the day by day gameplay a little less compelling. My choice of which job to pick up didn't seem to matter too much, and neither did my driving strategy. It's possible they mattered, but I didn't see it in in-game, unlike my choice of 'side hustle', which strongly affected the game.

So, I liked it, but found parts a bit tedious. This is a trucking simulator where you make money doing increasingly shady jobs, while individuals begin approaching you for help. Your choices of who to help affect the politics not only locally but eventually globally.

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EmilyD, March 17, 2022 - Reply
You might have found the day-by-day gameplay less compelling because you don't have love for driving trucks. Just a guess. But here's my own review.

I though the game was highly entertaining and as a former trucker it hit all the spots. I can tell whoever made this game knows the mundane lifestyle of a trucker and probably used to drive a truck themselves. Take it from me because, although I've never driven delivery truck per se, I used to drive a truck for many years for a tow truck Scarborough Ontario company, hence my love for this trucking game. So I guess my review is a little biased but I can at least say this game should be a top choice for any one who used to still drives a truck for a living.
MathBrush, March 17, 2022 - Reply
Thank you, your perspective seems really cool. Thanks for sharing! I think there are a few other trucker games on here if you search for truck.
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