Deephome: A Telleen Adventure

by Joshua Wise

Cave crawl/Horror

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Shallow-but-fun-home, October 18, 2007
by Tom Hudson (Durham, North Carolina)

This game seems to promise lots of worldbuilding, and playing it I get the impression that the world was built but only some of the background was implemented. The depth of detailing is really uneven; that which is there is so good that I resent not having the rest that I'm led to expect. I didn't find any bugs, and the puzzles were mostly straightforward, but one requires using found objects the way they're "meant to be used" not having any clue what the result will be, and a second, critical puzzle required some out-of-the-box thinking that is strongly miscued. (If you try a certain action in the first context you can, it has one result. Trying that same action in other contexts has no result, and no hints of partial success, but there's a variant on that action that is necessary to proceed.)

Moderately fun, but not satisfying.