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Dawn of the Demon, by Paul Drallos   April 30, 2008
"A Zork prequel marked by seemingly-irreversible actions that you discover after the fact are trivial. Most of this strikes me as a..." - See the full review

Another Day, Another Sea Monster, by Dan Schmidt   April 29, 2008
"You're on vacation at the beach when your mom gets a telegram about a sea monster and runs off to deal with it. This is a SpeedIF, so..." - See the full review

The Sisters, by revgiblet   April 24, 2008
"The game is let down by the ADRIFT parser and pacing problems at the climax; the horror is a bit forced, and the denouement isn't..." - See the full review

Fort Aegea, by Francesco Bova   April 23, 2008
"A large chunk of the game is about running away, which makes a very nice motivation. However, the timing is extremely strict, which means..." - See the full review

Pentari, by Howard A. Sherman   April 22, 2008
"The plot doesn't advance unless you read the "sample transcript" in the poorly-written PDF and learn the (uncued in-game) magic word..." - See the full review

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