Fort Aegea

by Francesco Bova

Episode 2 of Jewel of Knowledge

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Run away! Run away!, April 23, 2008
by Tom Hudson (Durham, North Carolina)

A large chunk of the game is about running away, which makes a very nice motivation. However, the timing is extremely strict, which means that you learn by dying - again and again and again. Further, it can be quite cruel: if you don't pick up necessary but unobvious objects before you're on the run, you won't have a chance afterwards. A couple of minor bugs contribute to these problems (on one possible route, you can go 'west' into a room, but you can't go 'east' out of it - and trying to do so costs you the one-turn margin of error you have).

So, not to my taste - I think the time pressure could be reduced, or the puzzle solutions more heavily clued, to provide a better game experience. Which is a pity, since the story the author wants to tell looks interesting (albeit, as Paul O'Brian says in his review, with large chunks of setting taken straight from Dungeons & Dragons).